Månesmedja Rödslyet


Embodies our path of life and all that we believe in.
It’s our approach to live in harmony with All that surrounds us and to reduce our negative impact on it as much as possible.
We bring together our knowledge about an alternative way of living on all levels. So we try to create harmony of Body, Mind and Soul, and to live in harmony with the Nature & Environment around us. our own paradise.

Now that we have found our place „Rödslyet“ (which means: „there where the red moss grows“) in the middle of the woods in the far north of Sweden, we are applying all this knowlege and lived experience to build up our own paradise.

If you want to join our journey, you are invited to read on and get to know more about us, Rödslyet and what we do here, and about applied Permaculture in the nordic climate.

Offgrid living


Here we are going to generate all the electricity we use with solar, wind and thermal energy. So far we managed to install the solar panels and a small vertical windturbine that are generating sufficient energy during the most time. Only during the time around midwinter, when the sun shines just for a few hours a day, we had to run the old diesel generator once a week to fill up the batteries. But this will change the next winter, when we generate additional warm water and electricity from the heat supplied by our wood fired stove. After that we won’t need the generator anymore.

Foraging from the wild

Berries & mushrooms

An other passion of us is to forage wild edibles (berries, mushrooms, herbs,…) directly from the meadow and forest around our place.

But it’s not only food and medicine, that we get from the meadow and forest around. It’s also knowledge about how to improve our garden or about the local climate, that we can get by observing the nature, plants, fungi and the macro- and microfauna, that flourishing there.

Permaculture & Self-sufficiency

Earth care.
People care.
Fair Share.

Earth care.
People care.
Fair Share.


One of the main things about permaculture is to not produce waste at all. That means to create cycles, as small as possible, to „recycle“ everything you produce. And that does not only mean physical waste, like the one you put into your waste bin. No, it means everything that you can’t integrate back into something you use.

Luckily we are not connected to mains (electricity, sewage) in any way. So we have to care about everything we need by ourselves, but at the same time we also have to care for everything we produce. That includes, that we take care about cleaning the water that we use before we send it back into nature and that we recycle all the nutrients that our body dumps as „shit & urine“ to use it in the form of compost made of our own humanure and the „liquid gold“ created by fermenting urine, which is totally sterile and has one of the highest nitrogen content of all the stuff that you can use to make your vegetables and berries thrive and bloom.


By the way, Sascha has been doing many plannings, projects and teaching about applied permaculture since more than 10 years and will go on to share his knowledge and experience here in Rödslyet.

The dates for the first courses & workshops are coming soon…


Flower- and Fungi-Essences
& Moonlight-Essences

As we both are therapists for many years, we bring together our knowledge in the fields of Homeopathy, Kinesiology, herbal medicine and energetic healing. Out of this also our unique Flower- and Fungi-Essences were born, that are energetizised with moonlight — „forged by moonlight“, which also explains why we choose the name „Månesmedja“ (which translates from Swedish, as „Lunar Forge“).

Treatments; Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Energetic distant healing

That’s guiding us to our experience as therapists.


studied homeopathy from 1998 – 2003 in Switzerland and after that went to Mumbai, India.

to strengthen his practical knowledge in one of the big general hospitals (where allopathic doctors and homeopaths are working side by side to help about 1500 outpatients per day) and at some private practices for 6 months and has been practising homeopathy here and there ever since.


Patricia has her roots in Kinesiology, she is working with energetic distant healing, flower essences and also animal communication.

She started this way of practising in the year 2013 and is working since 2015 100% and with all her heart as a therapist for humans and animals.

Since a few years we are putting our experiences as therapists together and combine them, which forms a wonderful symbiosis, to help our patients – humans and animals alike.